My shopping experience in Egros? Seriously? Egros is just a shopping complex. But I do not like to go there. When I go there, I feel like in a warehouse. And shopping out of Egros is tiring.
First of all, the place does not look so good. It could be modernized. All the corridors are annoying because there are too many. Even the atmosphere from there does not really please me. I've been to Egros a few times. I had to walk there for a few hours to find something, but I found something very hard. Perhaps the way of arranging clothes counts. You can not put trousers, blouses, jackets or anything else in the same place. I certainly will not even look at those clothes. They should be put separately.
Another annoying thing is that some stands are not set in any order. I will not like to walk past three stands with clothes, then suddenly next to one with sanitary ware. It's ugly.
Perhaps one of the most annoying things are the sellers. But not all. The most annoying sellers are those insistent sellers who are desperate to sell their products. Although you're looking for a coat that makes you terrible, those vendors are trying to convince you that you look great and tell you how well you sit with that coat. And not just that. These sellers do not even let you choose what products you want, because they will always have something much better to recommend. And that's not because the quality of that product is better, but for the simple fact that that product is more expensive.
So that's what I had to say about Egros. I do not really like this store, but in some situations it's acceptable.

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