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Guilt or shame!

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Dear Diary ,
   I have not written for a long time, so I have to tell you a lot.
I'll begin with yesterday. It  was exceedingly difficult and wretched and I am  still thinking about it.
I had the bus at 15:40 so at 15:00 I was already there to reserve a seat in front, when the driver asked me to write some tickets for him,  scoring every entering person.
I warned him that I had never done this before, but he insisted.
  Writing tickets, I made a mistake whereof I confessed him, but he told me: don't worry and continue to write . When I counted the tickets I remembered the mistake, but he did not take it seriously.
I counted 20 tickets, but he said that there are supposed to be 21, so I counted once again and there were 21 tickets , to my surprise (I counted incorrectly). The driver left someone in the station thinking the bus was full. I felt guilty because of mistakes I committed, but I hope it should pass with the sunrise. To my misfortune,  in the morning I found out that the driver had paid 40 $ because there was a mistake with the tickets. I'm even happier now!
  I can't stop thinking about what I've done and I'm so ashamed to look at him, but I also think that he should have done something when I told him about the mistake.  :tired:

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It's the fault of the driver, of course !! Do not feel guilty, because he himself committed a mistake for which he was "rewarded" how could not be better !!! It is very good that you followed the driver's advice, because in any similar situation you have to do that :) Do not be despondent, accept the situation, he had something to learn from here, not you! Kisses!



It is not such a big deal and you should’t have felt guilty is he paid for his mistake, not yours. Anyway, it is sort of funny to me because as lazy as he was, he didn’t even try to fix the situation.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Guilt or shame!