Nowadays more and more peolple choose to move houses to rural aereas in order to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Now , as it is only obvious, there are both advantages and drawbacks to living in the "country side".
First of all , from personal experience I can only say that having your rezidence outside the city has its disadvantages. To begin with , the first mattter that comes to mind would be transportation ; eventhough we live in the 21'st century and vehicles have become indispensable , sometimes arriving into town can prove to be rather difficult. Not owning a car makes you depend on public transportation outside  , which can usually be slow , uncomfortable and due to the big gap between the arrivals of each bus , unreliable. Therefore , most times ,your schedule tends not to match the bus one , in which case , taking a cab is most the  efficient yet expensive alternative. Moreover , the distance  can also become a setback as it is time consuming ;when  going out , you ought to calculate your time wisely , as reaching your destination can last longer than expected.
Secondly,in terms of advanteges , there are more points that need to be made.Whereas living in the city involves congestions , air and phonic pollution and a constant buzz , a life outside its borders means quite the opposite. Silence , fresh air and uncrowded surroundings are just three of the privileges you have when moving to the "countryside". We tend to live or lives on autopillot , stressfully and busily , therefore having a place you call home that offers just a moment of peace and quiet can be a breath of fresh air. Considering the more objective justifications , the health benefits are worth mentioning. Simply considering the quality of the an air that hasn't been poluted by exhaust fumes can make wonders to our lungs and to our overall mental clarity , as some have admited to manifest brain fog when exposed to poor quality air. Moreover , living in a less busier neighborhood , has proven to aleviate simptoms of depression and anxiety.
  Judging from personal experience , I found  living in such counties ouside the city to be quite an experience. The feeling of comming home to a quiet , calm and relaxing environment can never be compared to the stress of having to deal with noisy neighbours , or not finding free parking lots , or  the stressful sound of car horns.
  To conclude , I believe that finding a home in the countryside will not fit everyone , especially not the younger generations who are in a constant search of fun and always running out of time. On the other hand , a person intersted in a more peaceful life will find it an initiatic experience in terms of quality living.