Nowadays,we live in the era of internet :phone calling, watching movies, ordering food or clothing, even booking hotels. Now ,booking a night at a hotel without checking all the reviews -big mistake.
It was June ,last year. My family and I were going on our usual summer vaccation. Every year ,we celebrate our free time ,away from work and school toghether ,doing what we love the most - travelling. At first it sounds amazing,doesn’t it? -A family that spends their free time toghether in a relaxed ,peaceful environment. Well, you’d be surprized to know that we come back more exhausted than we do relaxed. Our lack of zen may be partly due to fact that we have to drive to most of the coutries we visit -let’s just say my mom has an unexplicable fear of planes. This year, I was the one to pick the location,so, normally I picked something closer ,a 1 and a half day drive , Gre...ce. What is not to love abou Gre...ce? Breathless wilderness ,deep blue seas and delicious traditional dishes. Ever since I was little my parents have used to take me to Greece during summer time and ,as years have gone by ,I came into loving this beautiful country. Little did I know back then that in order to reach Grece, you had to drive across Bulgaria... charming really...
To skip the unneccesary details, we had finally made it to the town we were supposed to stay for the night, in Bulgaria. My mom and her girlfriends had talked the whole day about this rustic ,tiny ,little hotel that had these great ratings (almost 10).  Judging By the tilte of my paper ,it’s not a surprize to say that this charming little hotel was a total disappointment. Actually ,no! It was a total mess.
First of all, when you book a hotel online, you do well and double check that the owners speak English or your stay there may take a very interesting turn. All in all, our friends knew some words in Russian  so we managed ,in a way, to find our rooms. But that is not the best part...We literally had to climb the old ,creaking ,wooden stairs (3 floors to be exact) which ,at first ,doesn’t seem that awful,but when you have luggage in one hand while with the other you hold on tight to the stair railling,afraid that you might fall on that really ,really enclined “slope” ,the only thought that goes to your mind is “what on Earth am I doing here?!” When we entered our rooms tired,hungry and eager for a nap , we discovered that our “tripple room” was a just a tiny sofa that almost fit... in with the bed .  At first, I was so tired, i didn’t even care That I had to sleep on the sofa ,but let me tell you, when you smell death entering a hotel room, that’s not a good sign. The room was dusty and old ,but the real probleme was the dirt on the floor , the unbreathable air and the yellowish sheets that probably hadn’t been washed since Christmas. Now, the real attraction to the room was the bath which ,surprisingly, smelled like freshly burnt candles (not bad comparing to the decomposing rat smell). Let’s just say that 1 human could barely fit in there. Neglecting the outrageous size of the bathroom, you could notice the opac.... mirror that was just above our “convertable sink”. If you didn’t know what a convertible sink was ,it is a sink that you attach a shower head to and it becomes an exquisit... shower. Charming. Moreover, when I finally mastered the skill of converting the sink , I realized that the only way to take a shower would be be standing on the toillet seat or in the sink ,which were  disgustingly dirty . That bathroom, will hunt me forever judging by the quantity of mauld on the walls that was “creeping “ at me. 
Secondly, don’t make the same mistake as we did and order food from a hotel that looks like an old animal farm. Actulally ,animals are cleanner than that. Going back to the food, all I can say is that we were so famished that we didn’t even bother to figure out what the names on the menu meant. At the moment , it tasted delicious even though most of the dishes looked that someone else had digested it before us. The food was served on wood ,which was a great idea for a “rustic” hotel ,but the real probleme was that it mas mauld over the sides of the wooden plate- another thing to add on my “Do not repeat this “ list : don’t eat food that is served on a bed of lettuce and mauld.
All in all, we had a lot of fun that night; I think ,partly ,we laughed nervously ,making peace with the misery that described our state of being. Now I remember that place as the most disgusting place I’ve ever seen ,and ,also the only place that made their only 7 customers leave with extreme stomach akes.

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