Nowadays more and more doctors and Med students choose to emigrate in foreign countries such as USA , England or France. As a future university student , I believe that the matter of emigarating has both its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover , I believe that the controversy of this toppic is due to the fact that there are 2 points of view to this matter : one of the emigrant and one of the people living in the country from which they are leaving.
Firstly, judging from the second perspective, the issue of doctors finding jobs abroad is worth mentioning souly because it has a negative impact the health system and the economy. Our country lacks in good medicine practitioners in spite of the prestigious Medicine Universities that we have , therfore having  profesionals emigrating abroad is a great setback. At the moment , the number of doctors in hospitals is down to  50% of the usual , which obviously suggests that we are in great need of Med School graduates.
  Of course, we have to take into consideration the setbacks that these hardworking doctors encounter when choosing to move to another state. The first thing that comes to my mind is accomodation ; I believe that one of the great strugles they have to overcome is the new environment. They restart their lives from scratch which is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Practicing medicine is a difficult task on its own , adding moving house , adapting to a new environment and lifestyle and creating a social life from zero makes it 10 times harder. Therefore ,not  all of them manage to live up to the expections forigners have of them or even their own expectations, which ,usually leads to them retourning to their "origins".
Secondly , on the other side , there are numerous advantages to recieving a job offer abroad. Usually ,the main reason why doctors choose to emigrate has to do with their monthly salary. Our country is not necearily known for offering a decent financial support to doctors , meaning that given the chance to have their work be more financially apreciated  , it is only obvious  that they would take it.
Moreover , if we were to compare our health system with the ones of countries such as France, Germany or England, we would conclude that our hospitals have a tendency to overwork their employees.  The number of patients asigned to each health professional proves to be unbelievably high  and the equipment provided  is usually outdated , oldfashioned ,inconclusive and unhelpful when it comes to establishing a true diagnosis . Therefore their options when it comes to treating or even saving a patient are limited from most points of view , and even if it is not an impossible task , we should aknoledge that given the opportunity to work in better organized health facilties  , most medicine practitioners would choose to ease up their life.
  Most would argue that being a doctor is not an easy job no matter what , and that when choosing their career path , they knew the efforts they would be facing , yet isn't it normal to give them the benefit of the doubt when they choose to work in countries that respect their rights and mostly , their patients?
To conclude, I believe that given the fact that we live in 21'st century , we all have the right to shape our lives as we please.Therefore , in my oppinion the emigration of doctors is not necessarily a matter we are entitled to comment on , although judging objectively , our healthcare system does not work neither in the favour of our health practitioners ,nor of the patient's. To sum up, I believe that to most people , emigrating can involve a large number of opportunities on both proffesional and personal fields.