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Describe the uglest apartament you ever seen.

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In the summer of 2015, together with my family, we wanted to move. So we went through many apartments to get to the desired one, but for that it takes time and patience. I have seen many houses and apartments along that summers, but the most ugly apartment I have seen so far is the 40 Street Str. Romanian.Only on that street you could feel the wonderful smell of the canal. When I entered the stairwell I saw how a huge rat passed in front of us, the doors were very old and damaged, and the ladder diagram was very dirty.When I got in front of the door, it looked decent, except that the viewfinder was hanging on the key, it was a little broken, so I fixed the key and went in. at the entrance there was a terrible stench of thievery on us, so I came out quickly to take a clean, airy mouth. when I came in, my mother and the agent who showed us the house kept my hands at my nose and my brother was holding the blouse on his face. I walked in and the molds was almost swallowed, the water was not flowing either to the bathroom or to the kitchen, it was very much cat hair on the carpets made as carpet remnants and the drapes were some pieces of material put in the windows.
                           After I left, my mother thought I had a disease at how jagos that place was, but it was all right except for the dust we inhaled. Since then, our mother has not even taken me and my brother and she went to visit alone. I think it was a very good choice.



it was supposed to call people in this field to find out the conditions for the situation to be repeated. Your mother did well going alone, and I hope you now stand in a place of 163% disinfected and safe, without cats.



you are very funny my friend, yeah I had an experience exactly like your's , I visited a house in Ciric Area and it was awful. There was dumpness on the walls, rat holes, a lot of dust and the yard very messy. Now I know that is't difficult to find a perfect house but if you want to sell one, the seller should take care of it, even if he doesn't live there anymore.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Describe the uglest apartament you ever seen.