In the third grade I went for the first time in E-Gros. It was the beginning of the school year and I went with my mom and my sister to buy some clothes. When we entered we saw a lot of rugs. I was so confused because in the first five minutes I didn't see any blouses or jeans. The store is organised in sections. The "A" section was full of house stuff: basins, sheets, blankets etc. Then we arrived in the "B" section. There were a lot of wedding dresses and suits, prom dresses, fancy stuff. We finally got to the normal, school clothes. I had to buy a uniform, that awful navy blue dress, a sport suit and other minor things. When we were passing by those stalls the people were calling us with some weird exclamations. There was a lady that had a beautiful uniform, but it was very expensive. My mom didn't want to buy it, so I started crying. It was my first experience shopping in that place, but not my mother's. She told me that we are going to find the same uniform in another place and cheaper. She was right. After we walked over there a little longer we found that dress much cheaper. Then we had to buy sport clothes. I saw a beautiful, blue one, but it was too tight. The lady was trying to push and tell me "It fits perfectly, it was widen washing at". So we found another sport suit. We were exhausted so we quickly got the other stuff and went home. It was fun.

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