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My experience witnessing an accident

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I was ten yers old. I was playing in a park behind my block. It was in the morning, so no one was there except two girls. I went to the bank where they were sitting and I asked their names. Giulia and Erica were twins. We started to play catch-up and hide-and-seek. In my childhood these were my favourite games, Giulia and Erica's liked these too.
        I had to count to twenty. I found Erica first, and then I started looking for Giulia. I couldn't, so I asked Erica to help me. We looked for her everywhere for ten minutes, but we didn't find anything. We screamed that the game was over and she could come out, but nothing. I started to panic and so did Erica.
       After some time, we suddenly heard the horn of a car near the park. In the second we got there we saw Giulia in the middle of the road and a car at a distance of two meters. I yelled at her to move but she didn't, then the car hit her. Erica started to cry and I ran in the front of my balcony. I called my mother and told her that there was an emergency. She came immediately and called for an ambulance. My mom asked Erica where she lived, so that she could announce her parents. The ambulance took Giulia and her mother, and my mom offered to take care of Erica.
       The day after that, we went to the hospital. Giulia had some broken bones, a head injury and bruises, but fortunately nothing vital.

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I don't want to be dark or anything, but that girl should have died, I mean, A CAR RAN OVER a LITTLE GIRL. She should have been dead, not alive with broken bones. Exept that, great story. You write very, very, very good. 👍



i like  how you wrote the story, very interesting. I feel sorry for that girl, hope she is better now. It's very dangerous when little kids play in places where they can be in danger, that's why they always need a parent by their side. I wonder what happened with the driver tho, he needed to be very careful when he was driving :confused:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » My experience witnessing an accident