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describe your experience woaching a film at a friends house.

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I and my friends decided to go to a movie, the movie of that day was called BaBy Driver, a very good and professional film despite the title that made me think. On the way to the movie, Piscot, a friend, remembered that his parents are on a small trip to Amsterdam. Piscot is rich enough to be very rich, but it's just between us ... and he has a videoprojector room in the basement with very powerful speakers to shake the house. So we changed our way to Wolf Valley. We arrived and everyone was hungry so we ordered from Class, just that we were quite a lot and Piscot's house is quite far away so they told us it takes about 2 hours. We all thought about what to do, so we went to the basement and we started putting the music on the speakers and so it all started. the music was taking us off our eardrums and house bubu, we all started dancing and doing strange choreographies.
                                  Piscot came up with the idea of going to get something to drink, so we put money and got something good, so the atmosphere was distinguished and everyone laughed and felt good. The order was exactly fixed and we took a little break and we ate. After several hours of singing, dancing and playing strange games, I realized that it was very late, so a few left. We have stayed 9. The rest we stood and we looked at a very romantic film, I recommend ... the girls, 10Things I hate you. This movie is old but very cute, I think it's since 1999. Anyway, it was already very late, and my mother did not even know that Iulius was out of the movie and we all went to Piscot, so I had to change 3 buses to reach Julius as his mother does not suspect anything. It was amazing, so we just repeated that over the next ......... we stayed overnight and can not say how much we had fun. How good Piscot's parents often leave home :)

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I think that holidays of Piscot's parents are the best and give us the opportunity to hang out and to get to know each other. These highschool parties are the best, watching films at the video projector is gorgeous and the atmosphere in Piscot's basement is irreplaceable.



I think that Piscot is a very good friend if he let you stay at his house with other 8 people. It is very good for you that his parents left , but be careful because if you are alone,something bad can happen to someone,like a kid can fall of the stairs! Anyway,have fun at Piscotís house!!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » describe your experience woaching a film at a friends house.