This shopping complex is quite exciting, yet outdated or bad taste. There are many shops, such as clothing stores, for all ages, stationery stores or car part.In the middle of the complex is a kind of pizzeria, I think it's called Dopo Poco, where a slice of pizza is almost 5 lei. In my opinion, I think it's stupid to give 5 lei for a slice of pizza. Anyway, the carpet shop next to the pizzeria is very cute, and the gentleman makes handmade rugs or just lied to me, but still I got a big discount! My mom was glad to hear this, and after the reward took me a slice of pizza, yes, I know 😞
                       When I was there with my mother I bought the material to get him to the tailoring to make me a poncho and I needed some kind of mini light bulbs for the lamp I had just taken.I do not go often in E-Gros, I think I went twice and never did something special. My opinion is that the old Siraj, which burned, was much more efficient and cheaper. There were things at stake that were much better than those in E-Gros and people made things look better and safer.