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Watching a movie at Iulius Mall

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One thing that I really enjoy is a good movie. For me movies are a must, and I couldnít imagine myself hating them.  My obsession for the cinematic world began when I was about 7 and I went TO CINEMA CITY FOR THE FIRST TIME  (I think that was the first time). I went with my parents and some friends to watch Cars 2. I even remember that one advertisement for Toy story 3 or 2 began and my dad thought that they  MIXED UP  the films and he was very mad, he even left the movie hall to talk with some employees. It was hilarious.   
    I am blessed with Netflix and HBO GO so I am beyond happy. I can watch almost everything I want (some movies and TV shows leave Netflix after a while  but others appear, so not that bad). Also I have a big and modern TV in my room so I donít lack resources I even have a 3D television in my house. But there is a huge difference between watching a movie at home and watching a movie at the cinema, the difference is even greater if you put IMAX in the equation. Too bad there is no IMAX in Iasi.
   The feeling which I have when I am about to enter the cinema is fantastic. Sometimes IT FEELS  like I am part of the film. The sound, the people who all gathered to see one particular movie and then the lights close and it begins( after all of the advertisements end, of course). I love the fact that people actually pay attention TO the film. But the best movie experience I ever had was when I watched The Revenant at the IMAX in Bucharest. The screen was huge and the sound was unbelievable.
  Even if I am willing to pay extra to see the movies that I really want to see, I donít think that  watching a film at a cinema is ALWAYS  worth it. Anyways who cares?. Go Marvel!

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I agree with your point of view! Movies have come to be a very big part of our lives and although I personally am not always willing to go to the cinema because prices are high, especially if you want to eat something, I admit that cinematic experience is more amazing than watching a home movie.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Watching a movie at Iulius Mall