Egros is a very weird shop. It’s basically a huge building full of second hands shops, outlets and cheap Chinese stuff. It’s the best place to shop if you have a low budget, still I sworn that I will never walk in that place again.
   The very first time that I have seen Egros was when I was about 11. I was new in town and me and my parents decided to go to Carrefour Felicia and on the way to this place, while I was in my car watching the streets I have seen Egros and I had no idea what it was, neither my folks. After a while I came to the conclusion that I needed a new snow coat as the cold season was quickly approaching. So I went with my mum in Palas Mall, Iulius Mall and I have found nothing. It was terrible, and then my mum remembered that there is a huge store full of wonderful clothes and household things at low prices in, you guessed it, Egros. By that time I had already forgotten that I knew where that shop was and how it looked on the outside. I was completely oblivious. Before I could even think twice I was face to face with Egros, terrified because n that exact moment I had remembered all the horror stories about that place. It is safe to say that I didn’t want to go inside but my mum made sure that we would go check it out.
    I remember the strong smell of sarmale when I entered Egros. I remember seen the many crumbled stores. I remember having the feeling that I had to get out. Oh, what a dreamer was I! It was only the beginning…
      So me and my mum started “shopping” until she met up with a friend of hers. In a split of a second, a big crowd was right in front of me and I tried to get out of the way. Little did I know that I was going to get lost. I tried to make my way back but I had no idea where was I. Thankfully my mum managed to find my before anything happened. The twist of the event was that we both got lost after that. It took us about an hour to find an exit. It wasn’t that fun.
       In the end, I would not go again in Egros. I know that I might be a little spoiled but  Egros is just not the place for me.