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Being formal

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Being formal is a thing that favors your own image and has a positive impact. I believe that every person has to take care of the way they choose to be dressed, referring to the context, to the place where they are and to the people present.
           First of all, it is good to be formal, to be dressed appropriately for the context in which you are. Once people around you see that you are dressed properly, that you have clean clothes, you automatically impose yourself and notice (..............te faci observat) yourself, and they will have a good impression about you. For example, if you go to a business conference, where many high-ranking people will be present, it is obvious that men have to wear a suit because if they choose a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some sporty slippers ...... will make a mistake.
          Secondly, being formal is a thing of good manners. When you wear an outfit according to the event you are present , you must also have proper behavior. For example, when you go to a dinner in the city to meet the parents of your lover / boyfriend, you have to be dressed decent....., to be polite.
           Admittedly,  you can not always be formal, that you can not always have an impeccable outfit, that you can not always behave in the most beautiful way. For example, you do not manage to someday climb your clothes in the morning, or forgot to give yourself(sa porti) deodorant, or you do not have a good behavior with others because you had a bad day.However, If you really care about your image, you can always look good and be formal. For example, you must always have spare clothes in a clean and washable wardrobe, you must always wear a deodorant with you and, moreover, you have to be polite with the people you interact with, as they are not guilty of your inconveniences .
          In conclusion, being formal is a very important thing because it defines you as a person and even contributes to the formation of the first impression of people about you. In the future, all people should have to take care of their formality, wear outfits according to the context in which they are.

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  It is very true what you say and I even support this idea because formality is something that we should all call, creating a positive impact on our personality. It is a good thing to be formal because you can show manners and education, just as you support through your arguments. You did a really good job. Congratulations! :love:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Being formal