There are two kinds of pride, good and bad. The good one is our dignity and respect for ourselves. Instead the bad pride is the deadly sin of the sense of superiority that drives contempt and arrogance.
   I've been working in a volunteer organization for five years, starting from a young age. Although I was only 11 years old, I was interested in learning new things.
I remember when I first helped an elderly person. She was a woman who had lived in loneliness. She did not have children, but she loved dogs, I think she had about five.
Two years ago she left life, leaving only memories and an apple tree that I often visited (I often came to it).
   At the beginning of my life I was an eager child spending my time well, then I realized it's more enjoyable to make someone smile, because the smile is a universal welcome. Later I learned that an orphan can offer life's lessons more suggestive than a mature person.
Looking at me in the past, I realized that all you need are patience, understanding and love.
   I remember the reaction of some people when I told them that I did not get money for my help, and that motivated me even harder.
   I feel proud for those years that taught me that we have to offer without asking for anything in return.

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