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Romanian doctors emigrating

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In my opinion, emigration is a really big problem for our country and day after day, itís becoming more difficult to handle.
Firstly, I think doctors are emigrating just because they are not appreciated at their right value, because there are two types of doctors: those who are woking for dollars, and those who are working for words like ďthank you for saving me!Ē from their patients.
Good doctors, who want to practice in a clean, respected and sterile hospital, not in a place where bugs are walking without a problem in operation room, where you have to pay to be treated just like a human being.
No doctor will ever accept to be thrown in a mess like our hospitals, after almost 10 years while he was trying to become the best version of himself in medicine. They have all the rights to go away from this country, to appreciate their standards and to save lives everyday. We canít be so modest to not mention that the way a doctor is paid monthly in Germany, France or U.S.A will not influence our doctors. They are feeling much more appreciated in those countries just because those who are in power are interested in their minds, in their way of handling a difficult situation, when the doctor is the only one who is making the deference between life and grave for a person, not in their capacity to learn two books in one week.
Secondly, there is a bad thing about the migrations. We have patients who are dying on the operate table, just because their doctor is a seventy years old man, almost senile, who is still practicing. Doctors who are young, in power, smart and hardworking are going away and they are never coming back.
In the end, the only thing we can do is to watch our students leaving, making a family and a bright future, because all we can do is to pray at our churches. Thank god, we have a lot of them everywhere. Sooner or later, we will be treated with prayers and confessions to the priest.



I honestly tell you that your essay really enjoyed me. I totally agree with what you wrote. But that's it. This is Romania and people prefer to go abroad for a better life. The conditions in our hospitals are pitiful and wages are not adequate, it seems normal for doctors to leave too. Btw, I liked your final remark about churches :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Romanian doctors emigrating