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My first experience in EGROS

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Last summer was the first time I went with my parents to the EGROS shopping complex. It was an exhausting day. Because I've never been there before, when we came in, it was a shock for us when we saw so many stores. From letter A to J, and more, from what I remember. And we went to every shop. It was horribly exhausting. At one point, the pain of the legs seemed to have lost time. But I saw very interesting things: from clothes and slippers, to toys, car parts and another things. I bought a few things that day. We had fun, we did our head but with limits. Keep in mind that I went into a shop with lasers, flashlights and lights. My brother Edi saw a laser. I have to admit it was quite interesting. He asked my dad to buy it, and my dad said: NO"I do not know if he's going to buy it, Edi will play for two days, and then he'll ruin it or he'll forget it and play with him. At that moment Edi began to cry in the store. The problem was that he cried so loudly that the seller was merciful and gave him a 15 lei laser, a low price from 30. My dad wanted to refuse the good deed and insisted on giving him back, but that sir told him that he was also a child at home and he knew how a child felt when he did not get what he wanted ... That's what kids do.
They are cute, curious and intelligent. They know to convince the parents.
    That was my first experience in EGROS. I really felt good because I was with my mom, father and Edi. They are the best people in my life. I love them very much... :))



I know the feeling, when I was in E-Gros I went through every store, and that makes you get tired. I did not feel my feet absolutely at all :)) It seems very nice to me the gesture made by the seller, when I was in E-Gros, a seller selling it spoke to the mother very aggressively and insisted on buying things I did not need , but you and your family did not come across such a man!



Hy! I was several times in Egros and I admit that there really are a lot of interesting things in that shopping center. Perhaps you just can't find food, but you can find anything else there. The sellers are the most annoying because they always come to your aid and ask you insistently "Can I help you?" and then they show you all their products.



I have never been to EGROS, But, nevertheless, I have heard that it is a very busy shop, actually a very big complex. I wonder if you were not with your parents, do you succeed to find the exit from that place? I like your narrative and, sincerely, I want to be a child and get everything I want like your brother. And the mercy of the others was very useful in this context :)))



You are right, it is exhausting to walk all over that complex.. It is such a big shopping complex and at the end of the day, you obvious don't feel your legs anymore..



When I was in Egros for the first time, I felt I was in a real labyrinth. It is very big and very crowded. When you go there you have to be prepared because you know you're coming out very tired. I liked your story, it was very nice.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » My first experience in EGROS