Dear diary , today I gave a test to Romanian and did not comment on the flying poetry I also remembered that in the 7th grade my Romanian lady taught me to learn the flyer by the way and then his commenting after which he listened to me then hurry... very much that I was very upset about it. I thought she had something with me wanting to listen to me.
I have been teaching since the lesson I've been asking to wait for another day Another day I can repeat ......... not to take a small note so she gave me this and then the next day listened to me Then I took a big note though so I'm stuck with the thought that the teacher is angry with me and wants to listen to me by downloading some things I've done I mean inattention to an hour or talking to other people but now 9:00 am I gave the test of the flyer and thank you very much and I am grateful to the seventh-grade apple teacher That I'm listening to this lesson and now I know in poetry and commentary I will be able to take a good note.
With everything that happened to me at the age of five with the lady teacher or the rest of the professors with this Romanian teacher I kept in touch and tonight after I gave the test I called and told ..... that I did something good to test and that I am very grateful that then my satin to learn that lesson with the flyer was how I would get a good note thanks to her and finally thanked ..... again that I am very grateful.


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