Nowadays, lots of people live in different places, in a village or in a town.
             To begin with, there are many advantages for people who live in a village near Iasi. On the one hand, it can be more interesting to live in a village than in a town; people can do different activities like climbing in trees, they can sleep in a tent for a night or they can run on the hills. People who live in a village are relaxed because it isnít so much noise like in Iasi. In addition, they can have many animals: dogs, cats, cows, pigs, birds or gardens with vegetables, so they will have a healthy life.
                On the other hand, there are also disadvantages for people who live in a village since they were born. For example, itís very hard to arrive in town when itís winter, because the streets are very bad. Another point to consider is that there arenít many shops and pharmacies. It is not very accesible to arrive in town for to buy food or clothes if you donít have a car.
           In conclusion, people who live in a village near Iasi have many facilities but it depends how far they live.

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