So the most ugly...... apartment I've ever seen is in a movie, I do not think it could be called an apartment, there were just 2 glued rooms (one bedroom and one bathroom).
EXACTLY, WITHOUT KITCHEN ... that means without food ...
Coming back, the bathroom looked horrible, ... had a shower with a yellow curtain with green stains (it was not a model ..), the tile was covered with a gray coat (I suppose it was dust), the toilet and the sink were shaved and the mirror was broken .
Instead, the bedroom was acceptable, the room was a bed with dirty pink sheets, a broken carpet, a broken glass where the yellow curtain came out and in the middle ...... was an old table full of pictures.
The door at the entrance was green and the paint was ducted, the handle of the door was golden and oily. But the sight was insistent. It was just a hole in the door, through which you could see the sinister corridor of the block.
Something even more shocking seemed to me the ceiling, it was almost to fall .. it had swells from moisture and stains ... stains that were on the white walls filled with pictures with a happy family and colorful drawings.
Honestly, those colorful drawings made you see the beauty of the "apartment".

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