Dear diary ,last week ...... finished reading a book called the psychology of persuasion where I saw a paragraph in which she wrote about a lady who had a jewelry store in the mall. she had been struggling for a year to sell some blue stone jewelry, some very valuable, but although the price was affordable, she did not know why they did not sell, so one day she told the sellers to put 1 per 2 of the price , and he understood that the price had to be doubled  ........ after the price had doubled, the product was immediately sold and the profit was double.
it goes to a psychologist and asked what happened to the tourists selling or selling the jewelry so quickly after doubling the price and the psychologist answered the fact that the tourists compare the expensive to the good so when the double price considers the product to be better because it is so expensive.
So for a while I was struggling to sell a Zara dress on OLX, and after reading this book, I was thinking of doubling the price, and not long ago I received a purchase request.
  I realized that for people EXPENSIVE = GOOD and I'm proud to know how to implement important things from the books I need in my everyday life.


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