My last "meeting" with E-Gros was last summer, when I needed new curtains ... and in Wholesale they have super nice curtains.
I was with my dad in the car, looking for a parking space in the gigantic and full parking lot of the E-gros.After we found a parking place we stayed 5 mins to decide which door to enter ... there were many doors, I think that there were 5 doors on each wall of the building.
After many complicated decisions, we decided to enter the middle door. When I opened the door it was to stop me from a cable that was stuck to the floor up to the corner of a wall where it was climbing to the ceiling .. I do not know what role that cable had.
After finding my curtain, my dad said she wanted to look after some stuff, so I said I was going to the Chinese objects shop ... that store is very nice. As I was walking, I realized I did not know where my dad was going, and my dad don't know where I was going ... and his phone was on repair. So I decided to go back where I saw my dad the last time, unfortunately he was not there anymore so I followed a road which, I thought, he would have followed him too ... But it was not like that, I got to a big gray wall with a door, so I went out and started looking for the car, hoping my dad was there. And so it was, my dad was at my car waiting for me after I ....... searched for half an hour in E-Gros.

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