Could you imagine adolescence without friends? Do you think you could get to a top university if your high school is not one of the best ? Well, most friendships relationships bind in high school, so take care of what types of friends you make and watch out for the type of high school you choose.
To convince you to choose Mihai Eminescu National College Iasi, I will give you some arguments.
   On the one hand, CNME Iasi has many benefits, unlike other high schools. To begin with, CNME is a prestigious high school. I say this because it is one of the best high schools in Iași (I think it's in 3rd place). Teachers prove professionalism and inspire students the best values. In addition to teaching the lessons in the programme, some of them joke a lot and teach you many new and useful things.
Furthermore, Mihai Eminescu high school is very large and it consists of 3 buildings (A, B and C). It is equipped with many spacious classrooms including labs and a large gym.
If you want to do other types of activities, this is possible in CNME! You can volunteer (Eminescu Impact group), you can do theater (CNME has a theater group in French- Les Apos), you can cook with your classmates in the school's gastronomy lab and you can be part of the school's sports teams, such as: football, basketball and volleyball (both boys and girls).
   On the other hand, there are also disadvantages with regard to CNME. Not all teachers are nice. Some of them do not explain clearly enough, or they have nasty writing and at the same time they speak too fast and you do not understand anything. Another drawback would be the fact that you have to climb a big hill to get to the high school and this is very tiring.
   All things considered, I recommend you Mihai Eminescu National College because it will prepare you for the future and you will enjoy a pleasant environment.

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