The problem of Romanian doctors emigrating is one of the most difficult things our country faces.
    On the one hand emigration is a personal advantage. First of all, we have to admit that living abroad has many benefits. The salaries are much higher than here, and abroadthere are many more possibilities in this area, so a young person who has just finished the faculty of medicine in the country chooses to emigrate in countries such as Germany, France,...USA and many more. Secondly, abroad is easier to find a job, while in the country after graduation many graduates can not practice because there are not enough hospitals.
    On the other hand, going abroad is not the best choice. First of all, though life seems easier abroad it is not. To get there, you have to leave your family and you will not be welcomed with open arms in a place you are not part of. Secondly, as part of this country, we should think it is important to help develop it, so doctors should think about it before emigration.
    In conclusion, doctors should think well before leaving the country, but we can not even blame those who choose to leave the country in order to have a better living at the financial level.

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