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A trip to Romania

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Romania is a country w...ich, from my point of view, has many places to see and admire, from the beautiful cities full of welcoming people, to the secluded places in the mountains, where one can see a perfectly preserved nature. I have to admit that although I live here, I didn't have the chance to enjoy all the beauties of this country because I didn'tt come out very often from the city I live in, but the few places where I was made me to love this country very much.
     A very nice place I visited was Brasov, a very beautiful city from my point of view. I visited him several times, but for the first time I was at the end of the seventh grade with my class. I have loved this city since the first moments. It was so colorful and full of life that I would have liked to see that picture every day.The first place I saw was Council Square, a place where all the beauty of Brasov was concentrated, a place where everywhere you looked, you see happy people who complet... that beautiful image . Also from there I could see the Braşov sign that reminded me of Hollywood, where  was born some of the most beautiful movies. I also visited the Black Church, a true work of art enveloped in mystery, for me a dark spot in the middle of a colorful place.
     Besides the beauty of this city, what made my trip really memorable was the fact that I was there with friends, each moment being especially in the company of my friends. Brasov is definitely a city worth visiting and admiring.

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I love Brasov too. It's one of my favorite place, I like the aquapark, the zoo, the '' Council Square'' ( like you said is the place where all the beauty of Brasov are concentrat), but i think the fact that you went with your friends made the trip better.



Nice composition. I really like your story. It's very good. Keep going, you still have 3 more and at least 10 comments of at least 40 words each. Anyways, good job!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A trip to Romania