One of the biggest problems of our country at the moment is that a lot of doctors, and even freshly graduated med students, choose to be doctors for others, and immigrate to countries like Spain, France and the United Kingdom.
    One of the reasons they choose to leave is the considerable more advantageous salary, but what also has a big role to play in their decision is the fact that these countries give them a lot more opportunities and equipment to work with, as they have a much more advanced medical system.
    In disadvantage are for those of us who chose not to leave; Romania has fewer and fewer doctors, at a moment when our medical system does not seem to evolve and get any better; in addition to that, there seems to be a permanent lack of hospitals, medical equipment and prepared personnel.
    All in all, our medical system has a lot to suffer from immigrating doctors who think they can only reach their true potential by leaving to another country, but I can not blame them as I would probably do the same.