Last summer I went with my family to Baile Figa from Bistrița, România,  in order to spend time together and to relax.
   The complex looked great: there were plenty of green grass, palm trees, many swimming pools, a large lake, a sludge pit, a tennis court and large reed umbrellas. In the beginning we went into the pool and stayed a little in the water. After a while, we started jumping in the water, pushing and sprinkling each other. Then we laid on the deck chairs in the hot sun rays. After about an hour, we went to the pool with slides. It seemed very fun and it turned out to be. Immediately after we got up, my brother and my father went down the slide like two impatient children.
There where five slides: three normal, one spiral and one tube. The first type of slide I enjoyed was the spiral, but I had to lie on my back to catch speed. When the moment of landing was approaching, I quickly took my hand to my nose and closed my eyes tightly. After we got out  of the water we competed to the top of the slide. We probably did that 1000 times.
Then my mother and I went to the sludge pit. We anointed with sludge everywhere: on the feet, on the hands, on the abdomen, on the throat and even on the face. Our boys laughed at us when they saw us. Of course, we laughed too. After we had a shower, we went to eat and then we went to the hostel.
   It was a full and fun day, and so we spent the rest of our holiday at Baile Figa.

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