For some time I and Stefan had been talking about making a night of movies🌃🎥🎥. Because we were on vacation we could do it anytime. After all, we managed to organize ourselves and made it at Stefan'home . Because we didn't know what movie we wanted to see I said we would decide for the moment.Stefan and I have the same tastes.
The first movie we saw was "Barfi," is a 2012 film, a movie I also recommend to you.
Everything went well in the first half of the movie, nothing strange. Snacks and juice was over, someone had to go out of the kitchen, but none of us got to stand up or stop the movie. We put the film break and we played stone, paper and scissors to decide who was getting to bring juice and snacks. It came out equally so we both went to the kitchen. I took the juice and Stefan the rest.
When we sat down we heard a noise, we were in Stefan's room. When we got to the kitchen we saw that it was just the dog 🐕 that gave a plate on the floor. After we cleaned in the kitchen, we went back to the room to the movie. After 15 minutes someone knocked at the door, she was my friend's neighbor with her two twins 👶👶. She asked us to take care of babies. We couldn't refuse it.
We took the  babies, we gave them to eat, we changed them, we cuddled them. But they didn't fall asleep. Until Stefan came up with a brilliant idea, let them look at the movie with us. That's what we did! Babies were delighted by "Barfi"! Only at the end of the movie they fell asleep.
After we put the babies in bed, we wanted to watch another movie, but we fell asleep without realizing it.

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