"Mihai Eminescu" National College is an important college in Iasi and one of the best at the same time. It is an old institution of learning, with a glorious tradition. Many personalities have studied here and have carried on the fame of this college.
   It has three buildings with classrooms, laboratories, a library, a consulting room, a stomatologic room, a festive hall and a big gym. It has also a hostel and a canteen for students who don't live in Iasi. Outside the buildings there are a playground and a tennis ground. Between the buildings there are trees, benches and a little shop where you can buy food or anything you need.
   As you can see we have all the facilities for a good eduational activity. We have many interesting  activities such as: two theatre groups (MOOZ and LES APOS), one volunteer group (IMPACT), literature group, debating group and international programmes. The teachers are good, patient, understanding, kind and dedicated to this very difficult career.
   On the other hand there are many things that could be improved or shortcomings which must be eliminated. Some classrooms have old, uncomfortable and even damaged furniture. The guards are not always fair and don't respect the rules. Sometimes you cannot find the books you need at the library. We don't have air conditioning and it's very hot in summer in some classrooms. Not all the teachers are fair with their students. They don't teach properly and sometimes they don't care about the students who need help.
   All in all, we are proud to be students at this college beause the general atmosphere is very pleasant and we know that it depends on us all to make this school better and better.

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