My incredible holiday
     It was the beginnig of the summer. I have been waiting for this part of the year for so long. Why ? Because I can travel and visit incredible places all the summer. Every year , we used to go to the sea....... in vacation, so, this time we decided to visit a part of our country. Even though it was different from prrevious years, my family and I were excited to make a change. Therefore, we decided to visit Maramures, a county from our country. It is a very beautiful area where many ancient and interesting traditions are preserved.
     Then, after we arrived in Maramures, we checked in and without thinking, we started to visit all we can. It was summer so the weather was hot. The sun was beating down and we seemed to melt. However, we didn't give up and we continued to see beautiful and fascinating places. For a week,  we visited all the tourist attractions from Maramures. We visited many churches that are build in a special way in Maramures. So , we saw Monastery "Barsana" and "Church of Surdesti" which is considered the highest  wooden building. It impresses with its greatness and beauty. We also visited "Cimitirul Vesel'' , a place where death is celebrated. Each cross has an epita...h wrote in funny lyrics and we were very amused by this place. These are just 2 of the many sights we've seen.
     All ....... considered, you can not believe how beautiful is our country. This holiday made me see my country differently. I will certainly not forget this holiday and I advise everyone to visit Maraures. You will surely be impressed by the authenticity of this county.

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