The country of Romania is known for its beautiful destinations and breathtaking landscapes. Last summer, me and my family decided to take a little trip to a famous place that had easily intrigued us: The Danube Delta.

Our adventure started with a wild, speedy ride by pinnace that took us all the way from the city called Mahmudia to the village known as Sfantu Gheorghe on the amazing Danube. During this ride, we were feeling the wind caressing our skin and blowing our hair, and the little drops of sweet water touching them in a gentle way, something that made this experience more magical and unforgettable.

Once we got to our destination, we couldn’t resist the temptation of seeing the beach; not a normal kind of beach, but one that has the sea ahead and the Danube’s arm on its right side. We decided to walk there by foot, though it would take a while to reach the beautiful and untouched by humans place. I can still remember the exact feeling that I sensed when I stepped on the natural, wild sand and saw the boundless sea before me: freedom. It was the kind of freedom I had never felt before, caused just by seeing an endless water that was mixing with the sky; and staying in it you couldn’t tell which was the left or the right side because everything was just a blue magnificent infinity.

In the Danube’s water we saw dolphins, gentle creatures that I personally adore. In the same area we admired pelicans, wild ducks, cormorants, a variety of birds that stays at the basis of this reservation’s name, which says it all : ”The Paradise of Birds”. We also visited the amazing lakes that the Danube had formed, and the superb sandy forest Caraorman, places where we observed sweet swans, white and yellow waterlilies, duckweed on which some birds live and build their nests, and many other spectacular animals and  aquatic plants.

In the end, I’m glad to say that this experience will never be forgotten, because it made us see the nature as it is, unmodified by humanity’s hand, and learned me to see and value the true freedom, and also gave us the occasion to be so close to these beautiful and feral creatures.

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