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Being a student in CNME-advantages and disadvantages

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Nowadays, schools are very important in our education; if people donít go to school, they donít have any future. In Iasi, there are many people who want to study at Mihai Eminescu National College.
           On the one hand, the benefits of being a student in CNME cannot be denied. To begin with, students have special places , where they can do research for their schoolwork and homework. There are many teachers who always help people with their doubts and this thing makes them to improve their grades. In addition, being a student in CNME is a great opportunity for people to discover their passions, because they can participate at different activities like they can take part in a theatre troupe or they can be members in the council of students. People who take part in these activities have multiple choices for college. Another advantage is that students can be involved in international projects, because of that they have  interesting experience and they meet new people.
          On the other hand, there are also disadvanteges in being a student in CNME. The rules are extremely serious; students are not allowed to leave the school without leave of absent. Another disadvantage is that some teachers force people to wear uniform and it can be boring to watch the same clothes every day.
               All things considered, it seems to me that being a student in CNME can make to have a succesful future, even if you must respect the rules.

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My opinion is that you don't really know our school. Who forced you to wear uniform? And our rules are not extremely serious. That thing with letter of expression it's normal, we are a prestigious school where you are supposed to learn not to quit classes and this letter has the purpose to provide that you have serious reasons for ,,escape" from school. If the rules were extremely serious the communication between teachers and students was not so opened.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Everyday stuff » Being a student in CNME-advantages and disadvantages