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A visit to a romanian holiday destination

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Looking in my past I can say that most of my holidays in Romania werenít very successful, still there is one place whit memories that will always make me smile uncontrollably. That place is the most wonderful location Iíve ever been in my life, itís like something out of a fairy tale.
The destination I keep talking about is a beautiful village in Maramures that I had the opportunity to visit two years ago. The road was long but I wasnít bored one second because I was fascinated by the one of the oldest forests  from Romania or traditional houses built thousands of years ago. The house my family and I rented was also a traditional house made of timber and originally made in 1880. When we arrived  at our temporary home, I walked slowly through the garden full of scent of  flowers. The atmosphere was calm, relaxing and to be honest, that was the only thing I needed in that moment.
Inside, the first thing I saw was a very large room decorated with pictures, colourful blankets full of details and even hand-painted plates and mugs. That room housed a bed, a large table with chairs in dark wood and a stone stove in the corner . This room led directly to a much smaller room which contains a writing desk and a large bookcase where old books and papers lay stacked for ages. I love everything at this house, especially the old look and the feeling of safety as if I were at home. During our vacation, we had the opportunity to ride horses, to paint plates exactly the same as those I have seen in every house there and, of course, we had the pleasure of learning traditional dances. Also, I canít forget about how blessed I felt every morning when fresh air entered in my room along with bird songs and a slight sound from a river. The life there was much simpler, calmer and beautiful.
For me, that destination will forever remains a special place where I want to return every time I feel like the world is falling apart.



I really like your composition! You have described with great details this wonderful place! I'm glad for you because you had an experience so pleasant  and thanks to which the simple memory causes a state of well-being and joy.



I like the way you described your trip. It made me feel like I was there and the†atmosphere of the text kept me relaxed while I was reading it, because I felt like all those things were happening to me. You made my imagination fly out and connected the parts of the world that was falling apart. Thank you.



I think you had a really interesting and unforgettable experience, and the way how you describe the things that delighted you, show how much you liked that holiday.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » A visit to a romanian holiday destination