For western European citizens, Romania is a pretty wild country. Oriental culture, Habsburgic  influence and communism retaliations, all of them changed Romanians' mentality and after a century of independence, Romania is still a multi-cultural country, with a lots of diversity and a lots of landmarks. Otherwise, my favorite landmark in Romania is .... Danube Delta.
Situated at Black Sea's shore, Danube Delta is the second Delta from Europe but the most well preserved. The Danube splits near the city of Tulcea in 3 arms: Chilia, St. George and Sulina. Chilia is the northern arm of the Delta. It makes a natural border between Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldavia. The Sulina arm is the most important from .... economical point of view because it is permanently dredged and maintained in good conditions for navigating. The southern one, St. George is the most spectacular one because on his course, there are a plenty of small lakes, ponds and picturesque villages.
The sights are very beautiful and in ...... Danube Delta you can see a lots of water plants, like water lilies, rush and willow . The Flora is impressed too, in ..... Delta We can see above 360 species of birds, most of them being endangered such as cormorants, pelicans or orioles
One of the interesting facts about ........ Danube Delta is that many villagers are pretty isolated from actual civilization. They cover their cars with reed and the daily food is based on what they fish is the last few days, but You can find the same fresh fish on their small fisheries.
In the issues, ... Danube Delta is a unique place on Europe that is a must-have in any tourist agenda.

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