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Formal vs Informal

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Every person encounters situations in which they have to adopt formal behavior, but most of them have a relaxed attitude. In many cases, people tend to choose
    behavior that is inappropriate for their situation.So the question is: Should we have a formal behavior every time or adopt a relaxed attitude and no inhibitions?
            On the one hand, relationships between people are built on trust and respect, but require openness from all the people included to evolve into a better and
    stronger relationship.That is why people have to adopt a relaxed and respectful attitude, but not necessarily formal, because there may be a risk that their relationship
    can not evolve.Another reason why people should take a relaxed attitude is that a formal attitude makes you stressed and uncomfortable because of the language you
    need to use, while a relaxed attitude allows you to express yourself freely.For example, a friendship relationship can not be concluded if participants can not express
    the way they want and do not open one to the other.
           On the other hand, not all relationships are the same and for this reason some do not involve openness and really require a formal attitude.Often the type of
    relationship does not matter, but the context in which this attitude is needed.Conferences, business meetings, party sessions, and others are contexts in which formal
    attitude is mandatory for a better conduct of business, and so that conflicts do not appear in any circle.
           In my opinion, people should often adopt a relaxed and open attitude to develop relationships with others and to use formal attitude only in the right and
    necessary contexts.
           In conclusion, people should understand the context in which they are and adopt a more appropriate attitude, but be themselves by the end.

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I agree with your statement that people need to be aware of the context in order to be able to adopt a correct attitude without giving up what they want to express. From my point of view, it is important to say what we think without insulting someone, so it is important to carefully choose how we say what we think.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Formal vs Informal