All my visits to Romania are full of coloured memories. Among them, there is a nice trip to a city called Borșa, which is situated in Maramureș County.
I could say it was an awesome and unexpected experience. It was the first time I had lived in the mountains. I remember it was during the autumn vacation, because we went on a class trip for 3 days with our teacher.
The first day, when we arrived, I was fascinated by the delightful landscape. Everything around me was covered with snow while in my home town the temperature was about 10░C. We were lodged in a nice hotel. When we got in with our suitcases, we passed the hallway and climbed the stairs to our rooms. The floor was covered with a red carpet and there were paintings on the walls. My room was on the second floor. I was very impressed by the elegant and familiar style of my chamber. It made me feel like home. Theá colours chosen for the walls, carpet, bed and furniture were very warm and created a calm Christmas-like atmosphere (even if it was October). So it wasn't too difficult for me to accommodate with my new room where I would pass my next 3 days.
Right on the first day, after lunch, we were taken for a trip. We arrived at an another small town, w...ere the mountain landscape was really impressive. It seemed like all that region was situated in the heart of the mountains. Then, we had to buy tickets to be lifted up to the top of the mountain by gondola lifts. It was very cold there, but I forgot about my cold hands, because my soul was warmed by the beauty of the nature. I made a 2 hours walk to see a magnificent waterfall called Cascada Cailor.
The second day, we visited another city, there we went to the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance. It was a prison in the past, but now it's a memorial which is dedicated not only to resistance and repression in communist Romania, but also it commemorates the suffering of the other countries of the so called "socialist camp".
After it, we were left to walk around the city but unfortunately it was Sunday andá the town fell into a lethargic sleep. So we came back to the hotel soon. After a long night, I got up and I still felt like I was in a fairy tale. Outside the snow had fallen and we were ready for our third trip to a monastery and the Merry Cemetery. That day, the weather turned into our enemy, but nevertheless, we enjoyed a nice trip together, we made photos and let the nature fascinate us.
The regret caught my soul when it was time to make the luggage to come back home. The last night there, I took my blanket and I stepped out on the balcony. The snow fell farther and I was just thinking about how not to miss those wonderful places too much. So I decided to keep them in white, red and green colors in my brain. I called them my coloured memories of Maramures County to remember to return there as soon as possible.

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