The funniest film premise at Iulius Mall was a year or two when "The Conjuring 2" just came out (one of my favorite horror movies I recommend).
Okay, when I found this movie going on, together with some friends we decided to go.Soit was, I was in front of the cinema 4 good friends, 13-14 years old, waiting to get into a horror movie.
I was the smallest, and as my friends are wonderful people, they sent me to pick up tickets ... when I went to pick up tickets I told the vendor to give me 4 student tickets to "The Conjuring 2 ". The seller looked at me, then told me that the movie is not recommended for children under 15, so he was not gonna give me the tickets. I went back to my friends and told them what had happened, but one of them did not even listen to me and went to another house to take the tickets ... and this time he gave it to him.
We went to the film with two boxes of popcorn and we sat in our seats, waiting to start the movie. At one point during the movie I wanted to tell him something to a friend so I beat him slowly on his shoulder and tried to whisper what I meant ... but apparently he was scared and gave all the popcorn on the floor in the meanwhile to scream at me "ARE YOU DUMB?"
This was one of the funniest happenings in the movie :)