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a visit to a romanian holiday destination

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To be honest ,I haven't had many succesful trips here in Romania , although I must admit that there are some worth mentioning. My family and I usually enjoy travelling all around Romania and as far as our accomodation goes , we generally choose more private resorts or guest houses.
Last summer we had the opportunity to rent a villa not far from Iasi , about 3 hours away. As I mentioned earlier , we do love our privacy which explains why in order to reach the final destination,which by the way ,was located deep in the middle of the forest, we had to drive on a narrow ,paved ,mountain road. I have to say, that 20 minute drivie thru the forest may have been one of the most calming and  beautiful experiences of my long list of travels. The cottage that we rented was basicaly desquised in a 100 year old hardwood  forest. It was like a luxury reatreat in the middle of nature. What better way to enjoy a cup of coffee rather than on a chilly morning ,on your balcony, enjoying the birds singing and sun rising up ubove the mountain top?
As far as the it goes, the rooms provided were cozy and welcoming and the furniture had a hint of luxury to it. The room where you sleep is an extrem...ly important toppic when it comes to having a great time during your holiday , and this cottage was designed not only to provide comfort , but also to induce to the "part-time" residents the idee of a homy place. To be honest , it didn't feel like a true romanian resort , but rather it remined us of ... Switzerland retreat. Of course, during the time we spent there , we enojoyed doing things like ........ bon fires , playing football or fishing in the lake behind our villa. And ,of course, what would be a true romanian trip, without some hicking?
All in all , my description of a romanian holiday destination may not resemble most people's ideea of a vacation, yet I choose to believe that , in the end, the circumstances are irrelevant as long as you spent your time with the people you love.

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As you said, it doesn't look like a usual or typical story of a holiday in Romania, but it doesn't have to be that way. I can say I'm glad you had a wonderful experience with your loved ones in a place that, as you described it, looks very nice.



Thanks for  sharing the expreience of romainan trip with us.
sounds really cool.
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It really seems that you had a nice holiday, even if you didn't leave too far away. I myself think that it doesn't matter where you go for your holidays, but the way you felt there and whether you felt relaxed or not. I appreciate the fact that you had a well structured text, with an introduction and an ending. You described the place very well, but it would've been way better if you paid more attention to the details: capitals, grammar. Overall, I think it was a good piece. Keep it going! :)



I like the structure of your text and the fact that you kept a straight narrative throughout the story.
It seems to have been fun on your trip, even if you weren't far from home. In my opinion, it does not matter where you spend your time, but the people you do it with. So if you feel good about the people you're on vacation with, you'll relax.



Hello.I have some questions for you. From what country you come from? And what did you mean when you say that the resort where you stayed were more in Switzerland style?I mean what are the differences between romanian one and this?But thanks for  sharing the experience of romanian trip with us. Sounds really cool.I like that you say that people who comes whith you in a trip make a lot of dferences between a funny or boring trip.


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