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First time when I was in E-GROS was aproximatively 4 months ago when my mum said ........ me that ........ must buy a vaccum cleaner for our house. When I saw lots of doors, I decided to entered in one of those because I did not have anywhere.
Firstly, I entered in a stand with name.... J and a lot of curtains came in front of me. It was really strange, but I kept on going. Suddenly, I noticed that I ........... lost my parents. Then, I realised that my phone ........ remained in the car. Many thoughts of fear have poured upon me. I decided to ask a seller if he could take me his phone to telephone my parents. He was very polite with me and he took me his phone. My mum said that I must go to A stand, to meet them. I said to my parents that I didn t know how I could get it. With my dad on the phone, ......... managed to got there.
.........., The experience in E-Gros shop wasn t very beautiful because there were lots of stands and I couldn t find the respectively stand fast. I hope there will be an indicator for stands in the future because in the present, ...... is very hard to find how you search ..... .

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oh, I'm sorry about what you've been up to, but I would not recommend you buy a vacuum cleaner on e-gros...if you neeed  a vacuum cleaner that will work for more than 2 months, I recommend  you emag  or altex.
The most wonderful thing about egros is that whatever you do, you always give it to the middle of the store that is full of pizza!



Is very nice how you describe the first experience in E Gross. Actually I was very interested when you took about your phone . It is a good text.



Yes, E-gros is exactly like a mall... vey big. I recomand E-gros only for clothes. There have a good quality and are pretty cheap. And, the most important thing, never forgot your phone in the car.



It's truly a lucky thing you found someone willing to help. Usually folks aren't so polite and when they hear that someone wants to use they're phone they start runing. I can't say I like Egros, I don't so it's not a surprise for me that you had a bad time. I hope that next time will be better.



indeed, too many stands! I recommend you pizza there, it's absolutely wonderful



I had the same experience when I went to E-Gros to buy a thing for my computer. It is pretty hard to find something in there and I hope, as you, to be indicators for the stands in the future. Good luck next time when you went shopping there.



That  was a very sad and terrify day. I hope that's will not happen again. I was in this situation too, with some time ago. I lost my parents in Iulius Mall. I go a little further and when i look behind me, they dissapeared.
   Fortunetly we planed to go to the Cinema and they were waiting for me there. I was very glad that I found them and , well of course now I have grown-up until then.
   E - gros is a big supermarket endeed, and you can lost very easy. I think that your parents didn't angry on you :))



E-gros shopping is not as heavy as it may seem. In very few cases children are lost to their parents and if they are lost they are found immediately. Sellers are very kind, most speak to you very well, and even stand out with stories with you. I'm sorry about the experience you've been experiencing. You should go through the e-gros , it's not as bad as it looks.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCE SHOP IN E-GROS SHOP