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a person nobody likes

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Every group of friends has that person that nobody likes. It may be because of the person or maybe the friendship between those people isn't as strong as they thought.
        Have you ever felt that your friends avoid you? Or that when you do go out with them they seem to have their own inside jokes, their own stories and you don't seem to fit in , no matter how hard you try? Well, this means that you're the person nobody likes in the group.
         You hang out with your friends and everyone is having fun except you. You really try to blend in, but you feel left out when they talk about their last trip to that lake or the last movie they have seen, to which ,by the way, you were not invited. You start asking yourself if it's because of you. It couldn't be... you have been good to them and helped them whenever they needed help. Yet you're the only one who is left out most of the time.
          Feeling alone even though you are in a group of people is a sign that maybe you should stop hanging out with them. It may be a signal that you are not wanted and your presence is not that important. Don't panic; if some people don't like you this does not mean that other people will do this too.



I really like this text. It s very real and I think everyone was in this situation. Yeah I know it s sucks to be the one that everyone hate but as you said in the text,it s not bad because you can find other friends. I want to read more of your compositions!!😃😃


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » a person nobody likes