Sixty miles away from Shanghai, in Zhejiang province, is the most disgusting place in the world. The rivers that pass through this region are filled with over 16.000 carcasses of dead pigs. Shanghai's water supply is threatened because of this.
       Mystery surrounds the pigs' deaths and their appearance in the river. This region is a true environmental catastrophe. Tests show they carry porcine circovirus, yet the municipal water department maintains that the water meets the national standard.
        Everywhere you look you can see dead pigs in the water. The smell is horrible but the view is worse. Villagers can barely travel on the water thanks to the carcasses. People are actually paid to clean the river of dead fish and pigs and rubbish. They actually get paid more for getting rid of pigs.
         Living there would be a nightmare. Having to see dead pigs and fish and rubbish in the water you're supposed to drink and putting up with the smell of death would be impossible.