Dear Madam or Sir,
        I am writing to you to complain about the experience i had in your restaurant.
        On the 15th of August i chose to take my family out to dinner to your restaurant. The problems started as soon as we stepped in the restaurant. Even though it is located in Paris , the waiter that served us could not speak french that well and we barely understood eachother. To top it all off, he was very rude and seemed bored, as though it was not his job to take our orders. I could have ignored this aspect but the food was even worse. Three people ordered the premium steak from the menu. I would not call it premium, seeing as all three of those people ended up in hospital with severe food poisoning. The room was also very hot and we ordered some cold beverages but we were served some warm drinks. Maybe the ice had melted on the trip to our table? The food was a disaster and it took very long for it to be brought to us.
        My first experience in your restaurant will also be the last. I can not think of a single good thing that happened while we were there. I will not recommend this place to other people. I hope this letter helps you improve these aspects, so other people won't go through what happened to us.
       Yours faithfully,
Andy Kalacsi