One evening, when I came out with my friends outside, I met a strange boy who knew a few of us, but I did not know him. He wanted to talk with me more and I realized that it is something suspicious of him, I could not trust that guy. Some of our group went to buy some things from the store, and I and a few others, including the boy who I did not know him ,we stayed to wait them.
Then he told me to go with him after a block because he has something very important to tell me about my family and he knows things about me that I certainly do not know. I went with him because we were close to us a friend, so I was safe. But when I got there the guy wanted to beat me and steal everything I have of value. My luck was that the other boys immediately got to save me. Since then I have not met him and I learned that it is not good to trust people you do not know, especially if they seem strange at first.

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