I was on a mountain trip with a few class mates and other friends. We all felt good and decided to visit the nearby forest in the night. I thought it was a very interesting idea, especially because I love the horror movies and the new experiences .
I left in the evening and we took everything we needed for a night in forest, at least so I thought. To make the journey more original we chose not to take the phones with us, just to spend as much time talking and socializing. Everything went well until we got to the good place to camp, but the boy who was responsible for our things forgot the tent in the camp. I was not as angry as the others because now we can spend the night without sleeping and trying things like a camp fire. Together with a friend we went to take some wood from the forest, but at some point I did not find the way back. I was a little scared then, especially since we did not have the phones to us . I needed to think fast about a solution, because we could not spend all night in the woods alone, it was dangerous.
Suddenly I remembered that I had in my pocket some fireworks that I had received from my father before going in this trip. The bad thing was that we had nothing to ignite the fireworks, but as I looked down I found that through a miracol a match pack. We lit them and after ten minutes the others in the camp found us.
That evening I had a amazing luck and I do not know how I would have been alone all night in the woods if I had not found those matches and fireworks.