First – what is an disgusting place? I’ve thought a little bit at that, before I begin to write these lines. So I reach to a conclusion - no place in the world is naturally disgusting, he became that way because of the people who are or were there.
But how can a place be disgusting? I guess that there are more causes for this. An important one, I, it could be the aspect of that place, but, sometimes, there isn’t an enough criterion to call it “disgusting”. Therefore, i say that is an more important cause then aspect – the atmosphere, which leads invariably again to people. Thus, the people are the “problem”, the man itself through his vision, his character, his tastes, or generally the people, a smaller or a larger group of them. But there is indeed a problem or is subjectiveness guilty of all? Both versions seems possibles to me, yet, i think that there is a limit beyond which nor is valid. When the problem truly exist... and the subjectiveness change... itself in... objectivism to claim that.
I had...n’t visited to much disgusting places in my life and if I was forced to do it, it wasn’t for a long time. I have not an exact alleged “disgusting” place. In general, the thought of public toilets scares me a lot. I consider just a part of them disgusting places. And it is more disgusting in the way that you are liable to use them, when or because you don’t have an alternative. Also, the most intriguing fact is that in our country doesn’t exit to... much public toilets, but this is another thing.
There isn’t a specific moment when i’ve realized that. Perhaps that happens every time when I need to go to bathroom and I’m not home and I have the unluck to find precarious conditions. But these kinds of experiences reinforces the thought that at home is like nowhere else and the conception of “disgusting place”.

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