2 blocks from mine, at the ground floor, on the right side lives an old man. Since i was little he took every cat in his home, he feeds them and he [s]takes [/s]care of them. Many times he eats almost nothing just to save for them more. He is doing that because after the Second World War he had nothing and his cats helped him  stand on his feet alone, just with them. Sometimes my mom sends me  to bring him some food and always but always he shares  half with their cats. Most of the people at his age are usually ag...resive with animals but he isn t like the rest of them. He is compassionte and carring and he is a person I look up to ever since I was little. I have never seen such determination ,love and compassion in one person. He chooses hos cats over him just like a parent would choose his kid over themselev and just like i would choose icecream over cake.

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