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Fly geyser,NEVADA, USA

This otherworldly  geyser is on private land on the  edge of Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Created accidentally  in 1964 after an energy company drilled  down into geothermal waters, today a scalding  fountain erupts up to five feet high and the resulting mineral build up means   the cone is growing by  several inches each year. That's all whhen IT comes to all the scientific detalis ,and as far as I am concerned those only in matter in a small amount. the true beauty stands jn the feeling you get when you finally manage to visit thag place. Even though not many people have had the chance to reach this geyser , I am looking forward to visiting it as soon as possible.
An  unusual fact  about this place is that you can visit it  once a year only with a special boat. Every person  that chooses to visit it can pay a special fee and has to do a formal letter to the pressident which can be  approved only after 3 month.  So if you decide to go visit this place think about it in time  bacause  you may not have any ticket on the Geyser Boat. This Boat  only fits 40 people. I hope that in time ,people will learn about it and protect its natural beauty.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Place