One evening I came out with two friends outside. We met with one of the friends of one of us. I and Alex did not know that guy, but I met and he came with us. made a very bad impression about him because the guy was ugly and he did not talk to us, he was pretty shy. Alex started making jokes about him, and after I started to laugh about that boy. Even so he did not he said nothing about it and proposed to go to a club known to him.
I thought it was a good idea and I went with him. When we got into that club, the guy that we laughed on the road was very well received by those there and that seemed very strange. Everyone seemed to respect him very much. we have asked some questions about this boy, believing he has an important role in that club.
Meanwhile, I learned from the friend who knew him that the guy was the son of the patron. At that moment I felt very bad, and when I saw how he behaved with us, I totally changed his mind about him. He received us at a table and he paid for us too, behaving very well.
From that evening I realized that you should not judge anyone by appearances and respect anyone regardless of aspect, even if at first he may seem like no one.