Every weekend my family is dining in town at a restaurant. We usually have a favorite restaurant we go  to but this week we decided to try a new restaurant in town. Being new we had to make a reservation before we got there. as soon as we arrived at the restaurant a gentleman dressed in a suit and very kind led us to our table. everything looks very good, clean and luxurious. after a few moments of waiting I was served by the waitress with a snack before meals (on the house side). After I ordered, I had to wait for a while before the food arrived, and I was very  hungry so I did not liked that very much. but in the end when the food arrived, I was very pleased with what I saw on the plate. I think it was one of the tastiest foods I've ever tried. I would happily recommend this restaurant to others because it excels in all aspects: cute staff, good food and low prices.