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Unusual place

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I have to admit To being a coffee lover. Even though I am not addicted to it ,there is nothing I enjoy more than indulging on a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee. Therfore, most of the times that I decide to go out and about I try to find a new coffee shop to add to my list. For about 3 years I have been visiting coffee shops either in my hometown or in the places I visit.
When choosing a place to add on my top coffee places list , i not only take into consideration the actual quality of the product i buy, but also the environment created for customers to enjoy their hot or cold drink. For a long time , my top 1 locaton had remained unchanged, but last summer I discovered the most fantastic place I could ever have imagined .
It all started In Brussels, a  city I thankfully have the oportunity to visit quite often as our family has a business there. We all know that Belgium is the country of chocolate and what better thing to compliment a sweet piece of belgian deliciousness than with a cup of ...guess : coffee? As I started to familiarize with that place , I got to visit more and more cafès ,and, to be honest, it was just more of the same. One morning when I was finishing my daily 5k of running, I ran past by what it seemed to be a tropical rainforest locked in a small building . It was called 'The MOORS'' and after doing my research I discovered It was a coffe shop. You should imagine my facial expression the moment I entered that place : itwas just like I had telepored myself holding a humangous cup of coffe strainght in the  middle of The Amazon forest. Everything was covered in greenary from floors to walls to even the ceelings. The hole place looked like it had been removed from a Discovery documentary. Each table and chiar was make from bamboo painted in a light green color and all of the waiters were bare foot stepping on the grass that was covering the floors. There were plants that looked unbelievably similar to creeper and orchids and they were all alive and well. But that is not all ,not even close ; in the back of what it seemed to be a corridor was a real  petting zoo. There were these huge colorful parots that nerver stop singing according to some people who were long time customers there.There were squerells and bunnies jumping around and snaking on the nuts everyone was feeding them ,and what completly drove me crazy was the wall-sized aquarium that was home to species of fish that looked surreal.
For the first time in my life , I judged a cafè based on the cozy atmosphere it provided customers with and not by the taste of the coffee, which also tasted like a piece of heavan if you ask me. Now, everytime I visit Brussels I make sure to go there and socialize with ROBB, my new squerell best friend.



yOUR description is amazing. i have nerver imagined such places exist and I would  love to get there someday if I have the chance..



It's great how you've been able to present all the details. I really like your composition. For a few minutes I felt  that I was teleported there because of your presentation.


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