Dear sir/madam
i am writing to apply for the position of waiters in your restaurant, as advertised in last week.
I am 16 years old, high school "Mihai Eminescu" student and i am very interested in this position. when I leave school, I plan to study Culinary Arts courses and this would be a perfect opportunity for me to gain some experience. As my references show, i had good results especially in maths and foreign languages, which might help me in many aspects related to this job. i can ussure you that no mistakes will be made when it comes to bills.
Although i have no formal experience, last summer i helped my father, who is a chef, with his work at his restaurant, where i was really appreciated for my hard work and my patience with the more demanding customers.
I can say that I am ready for such a job where I can talk freely with the clients and serve them with pleasure. I was willing to work over the program, of course, if I had paid extra.